Dressing for a wedding is fraught with worries about getting it right, but sometimes the best approach is simply to ensure that you don’t get anything wrong! Check out our list of wedding fashion faux pas and make sure you are not about to commit one.

White is not wanted

Despite the general rules about what to wear to weddings having relaxed massively in recent years, there is still one absolute no-no – wearing white. White is the bride’s colour, even if it is her third wedding and she has five children! Some style experts claim that there are occasions when white is acceptable, but we recommend being safe rather than sorry.

Religious wedding

Whether the ceremony is in a mosque, synagogue or church, try to dress with respect if it is being held in a place of worship. This generally means avoiding skirts that are too short or tops that are too low cut.

Shorts and shirts

Men should not wear shorts, even to a smart-casual wedding. The only time it is acceptable for men to get their legs out is on a beach or if they are wearing a kilt. Men should always wear a shirt, never a T-shirt.

Over not under

Even if the invite states that you can wear smart-casual clothes, always opt for overdressing rather than underdressing. It is far more embarrassing to rock up in a pair of trainers and a T-shirt when everyone is in a dress than the other way around. If you are not sure about choosing a dress, remember that cotton or linen are fine but denim is not.

Beach weddings are increasingly popular; however, they can be tricky clothes-wise, as they require the correct level of smart-casual alongside comfort. Maxi dresses from retailers such as https://www.axparis.com/collections/maxi-dresses are the perfect solution for a beach wedding or for a summer wedding in the UK.

Getting trousers right for women

There are no rules that say you must wear a dress; however, it is not easy getting trousers right. Ideally, you want to wear suit trousers with either a blouse or a matching jacket. Joggers, jeans or rips are never acceptable at a wedding.

In summary, you need to strike the right balance between smart and casual whilst avoiding white or anything too exposed.

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