Fashion & Culture: The Mods - Where Did They Come From?

Far other than the golden age of 1950’s America, 1950’s Britain was nonetheless on rations, and struggling to recover from the devastation suffered in World Battle II. Nonetheless, for the British youth a brand new daybreak was rising. Due to full employment and rent buy and a brand new discovered freedom from Nationwide Service, the British youth was on their very own two ft with cash of their pocket they usually needed everyone to learn about. A brand new motion often known as the “teddy boys” was rising throughout the UK, influenced by American Rock ‘n’ Roll and as Invoice Haley’s cult film “Rock Around The Clock” premiered within the Trocadero in London’s Elephant and Citadel adopted by outrage from the British institution and joyous riots from the youths, the Ted motion was now alive and kicking.Ever anticipating a scoop, the press didn’t fail to capitalise on this new entrance web page fodder. Quickly the violence, and imminent hazard that the Teddy Boys posed to British society was all around the entrance pages. From the prime minister to the archbishop, the British institution was in turmoil as they watched their as soon as dutiful youths flip into unruly wild cats. Whether or not a lot of this was by pure development or drastically fuelled by the press, the result was a tough, harmful youth motion that was loving each minute within the limelight and certainly appearing as much as it.The teddy boys had been right here and shortly the music makers and trend retailers caught on to a brand new and untapped market. Very quickly, business Rock’n’Roll was being slopped out and Teddy Boy fashions had been on the excessive avenue and each child needed a quiff and a flick-knife. Thus, virtually as fast as they’d come, they had been burnt out by their very own famed notoriety and at now at odds with themselves for turning into all the things they despised, simply one other excessive avenue fad, the Teds had been gone.By late 1950’s the unique teddy boys had been no extra, damaged up into numerous sub cultures, most fell by the wayside however two main teams remained and grew from the ruins of what was as soon as the Teddy Boys to change into the “Ton Up Boys” and the “Coffee Bar Cats”…The “Ton Up Boys”, had been these teddies that had held the motorbike and American Rock’n’Roll as their foundations and now wore leather-based, huge boots and rode British machines to and from numerous highway facet caf├ęs.The “Coffee Bar Cats” aspired to a extra Latin look, and their neo Italian fashion appreciated trendy jazz, ventless skinny lapelled field swimsuit jackets they usually selected Italian scooters because the superior mode of transport for such effectively dressed Cats…It isn’t arduous to determine how these late 50’s early 60’s sub tradition’s and certainly underground fashions grew into the Mods and Rockers of the mid 60’s.The Espresso Bar Cats felt they had been the trendy motion and the Ton Up Boys represented all that was gone and will stay buried in a pile of soiled bikes and soiled leathers. Therefore as they grew and wanted to embody all their new members, they ultimately termed themselves the Modernists and the Mods had been born.The “Ton Up Boys”, having fun with the identical development in numbers and being recognized for his or her love of Rock ‘n Roll discovered themselves turning into the Rockers.Unsurprisingly the Rockers didn’t agree with the Modernist view of themselves as outdated and by some means decrease class. They noticed the Mods with their dandy costume, penchant for sporting eyeliner and popping drugs at each alternative as an insult to all that’s British and macho.The Rockers didn’t just like the Mods and the Mods didn’t just like the Rockers.

The strains had been drawn…..Copyright 2006

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