The Shapewear has become e one of the must-have for women. They started as a simple one piece of slimming garment, and now they have turned into something much more. Shapewear bodysuits give you a flawless look no matter you are heading to a formal event or wearing it in everyday use.

Types of Shapewear:

Since they are becoming increasingly popular these days, you should be aware of the different types of Shapewear available out there.

  • Control Camisoles:

Control Camisoles are designed to lift the bust and minimize flab. These are designed in the tank top outer shell with built-in shaping panels and pads.

  • Saree Shapewear:

These are designed to be worn under sarees, lehngas, and even skirts. They are easy to wear and give your body a mermaid shape. As a result, your waist, back, hips, and thighs look slim.

  • Corset:

Corsets are not new. Women have been wearing them for centuries to shape their waist. They make the waist look smaller with a lifted up bust.

  • Body briefs:

It resembles your everyday panty and is designed with medium to high compression panels. It smoothens out your lower abdomen, and you look slimmer.

  • Long leg:

They are designed to control the bulging of thighs. They make your thighs look slimmer.

  • Merry widow:

Merry widow is another type of corset that is designed to give your waist a sexier look. They are strapless but can be noticed due to the center point at the bottom.

You should choose a Shapewear according to the occasion and your trouble spots. Check the size before making a final purchase from Sculptshe official.


Do the body shapers really work?

Body shapers can give you an instant result. They help you correct your posture and look slim immediately after wearing them. But if you want to get the long term results, then there are other things to consider.

For example, you need to take care of the diet. Here we do not mean to start dieting or skipping meals. You should eat healthy food and eating small potions is the right thing to do. Also, do workout regularly. If you are looking for plus size latex waist trainer, make sure you know your size. Choosing the wrong fit would not do the job.

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