You’ve all heard it time and again – a diamond is the toughest material on earth. If you think about it, it’s not really an invincible piece of earth matter since it can be cut and molded to one’s preference. Still, there is some truth to a diamond being really tough.

For example, when you drop a diamond, it will not break. Nor will it incur any scratches. Any design flaws in the diamond are due to the inclusions inside, which were made naturally by the earth’s processing.

Next, a diamond is tougher than most materials on earth. However, a diamond’s size should still be considered. A tiny diamond can get crushed by a hydraulic press if the conditions were right. But we’re not here to test the diamond against heavy machinery. We are here to discuss how tough a diamond jewelry is and where you can use it safely.

Activities Wearing Diamonds

Depending on what kind of jewelry you have, you can almost always wear diamonds no matter what activity you are doing. However, these are the most active types of events that will allow you to wear diamonds without damaging the entire jewelry piece.

  1. Taking a walk

Do this in a safe environment where there is little chance of mugging. Diamonds are eye-catching, even in the dark, so it is best not to tempt fate with your lovely baubles. When taking walks, any type of diamond jewelry is okay, but when it comes to style, don’t overdo it with large pieces like tiaras, bangles, and large pendant necklaces. You are not about to meet the Queen.

  1. Watersports

Some people like wearing diamonds no matter where they do, but water sports can pose a problem because of the pressure of the water on your jewelry piece. Earrings can get loose, rings can fall off, and necklaces can break. So what type of diamond jewelry can you wear while doing water sports?

Preferably none, but if you must, you can continue wearing a proper fitting ring or a strong, fitted necklace. Gold is quite malleable, so it can easily break when pulled or if a wave hits you. Use only jewelry with strong metal clasps. Earrings are a big no-no because they are too delicate no matter what kind of clasp you are using.

  1. Extreme Aerosports

If go skydiving and you lose a diamond, there is almost no way to get it back. It fell from the sky for crying out loud. When going skydiving, the best diamond jewelry you can keep wearing are the same ones we suggested for watersports, except for necklaces. Extreme sports like skydiving, bungee jumping, base jumping, and parachuting produce too much air resistance. These types of activities can easily break bands or necklaces no matter how strong the metal is. Your safest bet is a ring, which will be covered with gloves usually.

  1. Amusement Parks

Since amusement parks are pretty tame compared to watersports and aerosports, you can wear almost any type of diamond jewelry. Just make sure that it is perfectly fitted for you so necklaces won’t slip off your neck during the rollercoaster loops. Try not to wear dangling earrings in case they get caught in your clothes or hair as well. Need a tough diamond for your daily activities? Try Vancouver diamonds for your jewelry needs.

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