Year: 2022

Keeping Your Work Shoes in Good Shape

There is a common misconception that work shoes are the types of shoes that do not require a great deal of maintenance and care. After all, are they not specifically the kind of shoes that are designed to withstand the rigors of manual labor and challenging conditions? Are they not […]

How to always look good during summer

Summer is only a few days away, and we’re so excited for the vacation, sunny days, refreshing cocktails, and light dresses. It is the best time to experiment with your style, especially when it comes to colorful outfits, as bright colors look especially good on tanned and glowing skin. However, […]

Why Fashion Authenticity May Be Unattainable

Would you agree that authenticity is hot right now? Everywhere you go it seems like people are proclaiming to be their authentic selves. Those same people encourage others to be authentic, too. You see it all the time in the fashion industry. But here is the thing: fashion authenticity may […]