How Tough Is a Diamond? Everyday Activities Wearing Diamonds

You’ve all heard it time and again – a diamond is the toughest material on earth. If you think about it, it’s not really an invincible piece of earth matter since it can be cut and molded to one’s preference. Still, there is some truth to a diamond being really tough.

For example, when you drop a diamond, it will not break. Nor will it incur any scratches. Any design flaws in the diamond are due to the inclusions inside, which were made naturally by the earth’s processing.

Next, a diamond is tougher than most materials on earth. However, a diamond’s size should still be considered. A tiny diamond can get crushed by a hydraulic press if the conditions were right. But we’re not here to test the diamond against heavy machinery. We are here to discuss how tough a diamond jewelry is and where you can use it safely.

Activities Wearing Diamonds

Depending on what kind of jewelry you have, you can almost always wear diamonds no matter what activity you are doing. However, these are the most active types of events that will allow you to wear diamonds without damaging the entire jewelry piece.

  1. Taking a walk

Do this in a safe environment where there is little chance of mugging. Diamonds are eye-catching, even in the dark, so it is best not to tempt fate with your lovely baubles. When taking walks, any type of diamond jewelry is okay, but when it comes to style, don’t overdo it with large pieces like tiaras, bangles, and large pendant necklaces. You are not about to meet the Queen.

  1. Watersports

Some people like wearing diamonds no matter where they do, but water sports can pose a problem because of the pressure of the water on your jewelry piece. Earrings can get loose, rings can fall off, and necklaces can break. So what type of diamond jewelry can you wear while doing water sports?

Preferably none, but if you must, you can continue wearing a proper fitting ring or a strong, fitted necklace. Gold is quite malleable, so it can easily break when pulled or if a wave hits you. Use only jewelry with strong metal clasps. Earrings are a big no-no because they are too delicate no matter what kind of clasp you are using.

  1. Extreme Aerosports

If go skydiving and you lose a diamond, there is almost no way to get it back. It fell from the sky for crying out loud. When going skydiving, the best diamond jewelry you can keep wearing are the same ones we suggested for watersports, except for necklaces. Extreme sports like skydiving, bungee jumping, base jumping, and parachuting produce too much air resistance. These types of activities can easily break bands or necklaces no matter how strong the metal is. Your safest bet is a ring, which will be covered with gloves usually.

  1. Amusement Parks

Since amusement parks are pretty tame compared to watersports and aerosports, you can wear almost any type of diamond jewelry. Just make sure that it is perfectly fitted for you so necklaces won’t slip off your neck during the rollercoaster loops. Try not to wear dangling earrings in case they get caught in your clothes or hair as well. Need a tough diamond for your daily activities? Try Vancouver diamonds for your jewelry needs.

Don’t make these fashion mistakes at a wedding

Dressing for a wedding is fraught with worries about getting it right, but sometimes the best approach is simply to ensure that you don’t get anything wrong! Check out our list of wedding fashion faux pas and make sure you are not about to commit one.

White is not wanted

Despite the general rules about what to wear to weddings having relaxed massively in recent years, there is still one absolute no-no – wearing white. White is the bride’s colour, even if it is her third wedding and she has five children! Some style experts claim that there are occasions when white is acceptable, but we recommend being safe rather than sorry.

Religious wedding

Whether the ceremony is in a mosque, synagogue or church, try to dress with respect if it is being held in a place of worship. This generally means avoiding skirts that are too short or tops that are too low cut.

Shorts and shirts

Men should not wear shorts, even to a smart-casual wedding. The only time it is acceptable for men to get their legs out is on a beach or if they are wearing a kilt. Men should always wear a shirt, never a T-shirt.

Over not under

Even if the invite states that you can wear smart-casual clothes, always opt for overdressing rather than underdressing. It is far more embarrassing to rock up in a pair of trainers and a T-shirt when everyone is in a dress than the other way around. If you are not sure about choosing a dress, remember that cotton or linen are fine but denim is not.

Beach weddings are increasingly popular; however, they can be tricky clothes-wise, as they require the correct level of smart-casual alongside comfort. Maxi dresses from retailers such as are the perfect solution for a beach wedding or for a summer wedding in the UK.

Getting trousers right for women

There are no rules that say you must wear a dress; however, it is not easy getting trousers right. Ideally, you want to wear suit trousers with either a blouse or a matching jacket. Joggers, jeans or rips are never acceptable at a wedding.

In summary, you need to strike the right balance between smart and casual whilst avoiding white or anything too exposed.

The Reasons That Fitness is Important and Clothes You Can Buy For Fitness

One of the most important things you can take on for yourself is fitness. It is very important to at least consider fitness for reasons other than how you look. For one thing, there is a sense of freedom and achievement you would achieve if you manage to get in shape. You typically feel better and you are better able to do things without being winded. The only thing is if you do not typically live an active lifestyle, it can be rather tricky for you to find ways to increase your fitness. Also, even if you decide on activities, it can fall to the wayside.

While looking good is not the most important reason to pursue fitness, it is a common reason that people try to become fit. Also, it is one of the initial motivators in many cases. Even in this culture that likes to chant about looks not mattering, there is nothing wrong with improving your appearance. After all, looks do matter in many aspects of life. A large part of your look that matters is your clothes. You want to have clothes that fit well and that you enjoy wearing. However, you are also going to need different types of clothes for different occasions.

You are especially going to need the right type of clothes to do exercise in. Fortunately, there are tons of stores and sites that sell active wear. You can buy the right types of shirts and shorts for the type of fitness exercises you can do. This would make it easier for you to do the exercises and reach your goals. You will also be able to spare your other types of clothes from falling apart because of the types of exercises you are going to be doing that go against the design of these clothes.

There are different types of clothing that you can buy for fitness. While some people may figure that athletic clothes should be considered only for exercise, there are also some stylish designs that can help bring out the sense of fun and uniqueness in fitness. One thing that you may notice is that clothes can help bring about a certain sense of confidence depending on the design and other factors that come with it. When it comes to uniquely designed fitness clothes, you may find it to be exciting and fun to get a workout for your body.

Under the right circumstances, working out can be a lot of fun. It does not have to be the chore that many people believe it is. It can be a good part of your lifestyle that you come to enjoy. People who enjoy working out will find it easier to get in shape. Therefore, it would help to find a way for you to enjoy the type of workout you are getting so that you don’t get discouraged on the way to fulfilling your goals. This can also help you change your lifestyle to a much healthier one.

Say Yes to the Ring

A standout amongst the most vital parts of a proposition to be engaged is the wedding band. This ring is customarily an excellent gemstone set on a band and is the thing that has come to be known as an image of wedding culture. This bit of gems is in many cases erroneously alluded to as the wedding band, and the two terms appear to have turned out to be exchangeable in regular vocabulary. A wedding band is given to somebody at the season of a marriage proposal. Traditionally, ladies get the wedding band and are relied upon to wear it beginning from the season of the proposal. Having a ring on her finger will demonstrate to the world that she is taken and is focused on her accomplice.

These rings can change extraordinarily regarding lavishness and cost, yet the most widely recognized sort of wedding band has a precious stone, or another gemstone set on a lovely band. The wedding band is worn on the third finger of the left hand.

Since the wedding ring is put on an indistinguishable finger from the wedding band, numerous ladies move their wedding bands to their correct hands for the service and after that move them back to one side hand a short time later with the goal that their two rings are stacked.

The custom of the wedding band goes back numerous hundreds of years, when a man would request his women submit marriage by giving her a profitable ring in return for the dad’s endorsement and trade in “Proprietorship” of this woman.

These rings turned out to be increasingly indulgent after some time since they came to speak to the man’s riches, which was exceptionally alluring for both the man and the lady and her family. The roundabout state of a ring speaks to time everlasting and endlessness, and the gap through the ring means an entryway prompting occasions later on.

Since the wedding band is customarily the flashier and more luxurious ring of the two, most ladies wear the wedding ring on their left hand ring fingers. Many ladies will wear their wedding rings with the wedding band also, while a few ladies choose to just wear a single ring to speak to both. Many diamond setters offer wedding bands and wedding bands as a set with the goal that they coordinate each other and look slick when worn together.

Men normally get wedding rings upon the arrival of their wedding ceremonies. These grooms wedding rings are by and large thicker in width than marriage wedding rings and are typically made of one sort of valuable metal, for example, gold, silver or platinum. Some men’s wedding rings may contain little precious stones or gems and the plan and style of the band is up to their own preference. Most wedding bands incorporate no less than one jewel and most wedding rings don’t have any gemstones, so wedding bands are generally significantly costlier than wedding bands.

A general dependable guideline that numerous individuals take after is to spend around a few months’ pay on a wedding band. Engagement rings San Diego jewelry stores work with customers and help them with planning for the ideal ring.

Your wedding band and wedding band both speak to the solidarity and bond that you’ve focused on each other on your big day.

Four times that ‘space age’ fashion has been out of this world

When you think of high-end fashion, your first thought probably wouldn’t involve moon landings and space suits; however, there has been a definite and continuous prevalence on creating new age, futuristic design in the fashion world throughout history.

Through geometric shapes, technicolour materials and inspiration drawn directly from astronaut space-wear, this form of fashion continues to surprise and excite the masses from the catwalk and the high street alike. Here we look at four times throughout history that ‘space age’ fashion has really been revolutionary.

60s materials

According to an article in the Spokesman, the swinging sixties were an era of pushing social boundaries; in the fashion world, unusual materials were being used to craft garments for the first time. Major fashion houses began turning out bold, bright vinyl collections inspired by space-wear and designed to catch the eye. PVC and futuristic metallic materials were also prevalent. Geometric shapes and unisex clothing began to blur social boundaries, exciting and entrancing the public.


Ralph Lauren Nasa jacket

You couldn’t get more Buzz Aldrin than this look. Released in the early 90s, this snow jacket was designed to look like a vintage spacesuit with a suitably space-like orbital patch emblazoned on the sleeve. Snug and space-like, this jacket was definitely out of this world. Interestingly, a similar jacket appeared on the market just last year from fashion house Alpha Industries, which shows that space-age never really goes out of fashion.

Moon boots

In the late 70s, a footwear brand called Tecnica introduced a range of footwear that almost mirrored the moon boots worn by the Apollo 11 astronauts. Large rubber soles and long, foamy sides were the trademark look of the time. Today, modern trainers are a little more subtle, but the high-top look with bold colours and holographic detail gives a nod to the outer space theme and looks great with mens Farah shirts from stockists such as

Versace autumn collection

In 2016, the Versace autumn collection drew massive inspiration from space, ironically around the same time that the original ‘rocket man’ David Bowie sadly passed away. Jeans and bomber jackets appeared with orbital designs, such as star constellations, in crisp monochrome. The message behind the collection was that space is a clean, fresh place.

Girls’s Plus Dimension Clothes Can Be Simply Discovered

Women's Plus Size Clothing Can Be Easily Found

Do you consider your self as a plus sized girl? In case you resolve you do, what do you put on for garments? In case you are just like numerous bigger individuals, you’ll reply that you’ll be able to get girls’s plus measurement clothes from a retailer rack. Nonetheless, have you ever realized we now have shops meant particularly on your kind of girl? There certainly are, and if you have not prior to now, you might wish to take into account visiting a number of.When it comes to buying at or, on the very least, looking in a specialty clothes store, there are quite a few bigger girls who marvel why they must take the difficulty, specifically if they have been capable of finding outfits within the division retailer or a traditional clothes retailer. The factor that you will need to remember is that attire for bigger people shouldn’t be what it was prior to now. Due to an increase within the demand for bigger dimensions in garments and trend equipment, you may now discover quite a few trend designers who’re starting to offer consideration to individuals who’re such as you.Plus sized kinds really aren’t what they was once. In reality, many might be unable to talk of the previous sort of bigger sizes of attire as trend. This cannot be stated about these days’ bigger sized trendy attire, fits, pants, and in addition equipment. It’s now doable to feel and look as a stunning mannequin, no matter being a bigger girl. You’ll uncover a number of garments items which can be designed to make you look terrific for a day hanging out with your pals, time on the train room, some time at work, or else an evening out in town. It does not matter what occasion you wish to to decorate for, a plus measurement girl’s clothes ought to include fashionable equipment appropriate for any event.In case you are excited by discovering a plus measurement garments retailer to buy at, you might wish to take into consideration visiting one in all your native buying plazas. It is not uncommon to search out such a store working in these services. For ladies, plus measurement clothes is simpler to find than for a man. Malls and clothes shops usually tend to carry the bigger sizes for girls. Specialty retailers are likewise moreover typically geared toward girls. You may additionally be capable of discover extra space specialty garments retailers to buy at by using the phone guide, net enterprise websites, or options from these whom you understand.For attire, plus sizes may be obtainable by buying at space retailers, however for extra specialised issues you might wish to look at the net retailers who’ve giant measurement garments retailers on the Web. One factor fulfilling about buying on-line is you are ceaselessly offered a bigger number of retailers and gadgets to select from. This implies, for plus measurement girls, clothes choices are going to be a lot larger for you. It is also helpful to say that buying on the Web permits you to take action anytime, daytime or nighttime, within the consolation of your personal dwelling. You can discover a lot of Web websites promoting garments for plus measurement girls by doing an ordinary Web search or else by asking people whom you understand for options.In order we see, there’s a number of good methods wherein, for plus measurement girls, garments may be seen in trendy type together with equipment to go along with them. In case you have not enhanced your wardrobe shortly, you may want to consider attending to it. It’s possible you’ll very properly be amazed with the plus measurement girls’s garments which you can see obtainable on the market.

Garments Make The Girl

Clothes Make The Woman

Women and men are doing extra issues the identical in our society today. Nonetheless, there’s nonetheless a giant distinction of their attitudes towards garments and the way in which they costume. You by no means know what a lady goes to put on. You at all times have a good suggestion what a person goes to put on.On any given day a jock man could have on a baseball cap, a soccer jersey, a pair of denims, and a few type of designer health club footwear like Air Jordan’s. A enterprise man will put on a double breasted Edwardian suite, with an identical tie that sports activities a diamond stickpin. He’ll have a handkerchief in his suite coat pocket, and he’ll sport a pair of extremely polished Edwin Clapp Alligator footwear.You would safely say that garments make the person. I imply, you possibly can know a person by the garments he wears. I imply for those who noticed a person strolling down the road along with his pants hanging off his behind and his underwear displaying, you would be proper in saying there goes a punk, a thug, a gangbanger. With ladies, issues are at all times totally different.In the present day, garments do not make a lady. I might say it is the dearth of garments that make a lady.Take for instance “Boy Shorts”. You’ve got seen them. Boy Shorts are these brief shorts some ladies put on that hardly cowl their backsides. I simply love them. Any lady that wears Boy Shorts in public is sure to get consideration. Boy Shorts are simply the type of lack of clothes that for me, make an actual lady. Boy Shorts are for the outgoing, aggressive lady who just isn’t afraid to let the world take an extended have a look at her as she’s strolling away.Then, there’s the Thong.Thongs are clothes for shy ladies. Thongs are for girls who cannot make up their minds about whether or not or not they need to put on conventional underwear. Shy ladies, who cannot convey themselves to put on Boy Shorts in public, put on Thongs in non-public. I purchased my lady buddy a pair of Boy Shorts. She refused to put on them. I bought her a Thong, and she or he was blissful to parade round the home in her sizzling pink Thongs for me.Girls. You’ll be able to’t determine them out.Have you ever ever seen what number of panties ladies have? Girls have far more panties than males have underwear.I’ve three pair of underwear that I alter throughout every week. Do not get me fallacious. I do not are available contact with a whole lot of ladies’s panties however I do learn the advertisements within the Sunday paper like everybody else, and I am amazed on the number of panties ladies have to select from. It is no marvel it takes a lady longer to decorate than for the typical man. A girl can take as much as two hours to resolve which panties to take out of her drawer. I may have my underwear, shirt and pants on in ten minutes.Here is the factor that confuses me about ladies.Why is it that girls these days will lay our a fortune on garments which are designed to cowl them up from head to toe?When a lady comes out of the home she is aware of she’s going to placed on a shirt that reveals gaping quantities of succulent cleavage. She is aware of she’s going to put on a mini skirt so brief, that she will be able to’t afford to bend over with out exposing her household jewel. She is aware of she’s going to sport a pair of Boy Shorts that can expose the corpulent fantastic thing about her bottom.A ladies is aware of all of this proper? So why do not ladies minimize their clothes budgets in half? Simply come out the home half bare and provides me the cash she saves on clothes so I can spend most of my working day below a chilly bathe?

An Overview of Vogue within the 1950’s and 1960’s

An Overview of Fashion in the 1950's and 1960's

Vogue is essential in on a regular basis western life. It defines who you might be, what group you want to be seen to be belonging too and who you might be or wish to be. Removed from an extra of consumerism it is a vital consider all social teams. Modern-day fashions appear to go spherical and spherical however they began off following the second world conflict, right here is an outline of the modifications that occurred within the 1950’s and 1960’s.1950’s FashionIn the 1950’s most of individuals’s possessions, together with clothes, had been handed on or recycled. With the tip of rationing and publish conflict financial development, there got here a rise in consumerism wherein vogue performed an necessary half.Garments grew to become extra available, supplies and patterns to make your personal, however mass manufacturing ‘off the peg’ clothes grew to become out there permitting individuals entry to trendy kinds.For kids there have been three tiered clothes with a lot of materials and boleros cardigans. Colored shorts, tartan shirts and stripy T-shirts for boys.Teddy boys wearing drainpipe trousers, beetle crusher sneakers – fluorescent pink socks and DA (Ducktail) haircuts. Leather-based jackets with denims are all the time related to this decade, good boys nevertheless would look to put on sweaters and penny loafers.In girls’s vogue pencil skirts had been favoured by older girls, whereas huge swing skirts with large hoops for jiving had been fashionable with the youthful technology.Typically a tailor-made, female look was the target and equipment corresponding to gloves and pearls had been fashionable.The shirtwaist gown was nonetheless the key staple of any girl’s wardrobe, introduced on from 1947 when Dior launched the ‘New Look’ silhouette. The look was a small waist, rounded shoulders worn with petticoats beneath to extend the skirt’s quantity, and girdles to make the waist even smaller. Shirtwaist clothes worn with out the petticoat had been known as home clothes.1960’s FashionThe 1960’s had been simply as necessary a decade for vogue, because the 1950’s earlier than. Vogue was led by the youth of the day, their revenue being the very best because the finish of the second world conflict. Vogue and the ‘sense of self’ got here hand in hand with the music that was listened to, even creating dividing vogue cultures between younger individuals.The British had been the leaders of western type, essentially the most generally recognized conflicting kinds being the Mods and Rockers. The Mods, named after the fashionable jazz that they listened to, went for the extremely tailor-made go well with look, worn with an anorak excessive – and having a moped was a part of the look. The rockers had been extra for the 50’s rock ‘n roll music with the denims and leather-based jackets – and motorbikes reasonably than mopeds.In 1964 Mary Quant launched the ‘mini’ skirt which is most related to this decade. Though Quant had been designing garments for younger individuals because the 50’s, it was from this level within the sixties, the place inexpensively made clothes suited to a busy city life-style, designed in separates to be mixed grew to become hottest.The late sixties noticed the beginning of hippie kinds. Individuals seemed to maneuver away from the consumerism and materialism rising with the mod and pop life-style.The hippie look began with frayed bell-bottomed denims, tie-dyed shirts, workshirts, sandals and headbands. Caftans, gypsy type skirts and clothes with all of the bangles and scarves began in direction of the tip of this decade and effectively into the seventies.The largest change of all in vogue this decade was truly in males’s clothes. For the primary time brilliant colors and frills could possibly be worn. Extensive ties with stripes and prints, leather-based boots and the collarless jacket had been making it onto the scene.

A Ardour For Magnificence And Style

A Passion For Beauty And Fashion

Some individuals are minimize out for simply this. It begins early, that cautious grooming of hair, nails, arms, ft and face, it could lengthen to existence and meals habits that may preserve the perfect physique form, eager curiosity in trend developments and information of magnificence secrets and techniques handed down the ages and sweetness suggestions for the not so affected person listener.Conde Nast began Vainness Honest, the favored journal on trend, tradition and present affairs in 1913. 100 years later, it’s nonetheless publishing month-to-month articles on notable individuals, trend developments, world occasions and carries full web page portraits of lovely celebrities. He was only one. There are a lot of like that who want to share the world of trend and sweetness that’s a lot inside their attain with the remainder of the world.With the arrival of the world huge net and running a blog, publishing {a magazine} is now not needed. There are a lot of bloggers who write about the exact same issues one would discover in a world class journal like Marie Claire, Vogue or Vainness Honest. There are such a lot of blogs that the primary twenty, or the primary fifty has been rated for the reader’s comfort.The excellent purpose behind a profitable trend and sweetness weblog is the information that you just the blogger have one thing totally different to say and works laborious at saying it.What are the opposite causes that go into making a profitable trend weblog or magnificence weblog?A trend weblog is like having a trend journal on-line. Whereas {a magazine} has totally different departments and folks to deal with writing, pictures, artwork division, gross sales, and so forth. a blogger principally has to do all of this on his or her personal.. A few of the expertise required for this job of getting a trend weblog are· Writing expertise – writing ought to be interesting and readable. Something that is boring and uninteresting won’t get readers· Enhancing expertise – punctuation and grammar ought to be proper – translating into one thing the reader can belief.· Modelling and being a stylist – shouldn’t be awkward in the case of modelling in garments. A sure degree of consolation and confidence in your personal physique is important. A way of fashion which may create a novel assertion which is inventive and attention-grabbing is important.· Images/ Artistic visualization – Fundamental pictures expertise with a top quality digicam with information of lighting and angles is a good asset to have· Photograph enhancing expertise as in Photoshop for lighting, coloration, shadows is important for these photos which is able to appeal to visitors to your trend weblog· Social media expertise – have to be conversant with Twitter, Fb, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+ and so forth. Making the accounts in all these visually interesting will generate extra curiosity to the advantage of your weblog.· Advert gross sales and Public Relations – This has to do with promoting your weblog with slightly little bit of exhibiting off your achievements to ensure that advertisers to tie up along with your weblog. Public relations is establishing good relations with manufacturers and firms which are related to the matter of your weblog.· Fundamentals of net design and HTML – will assist you to make adjustments or repair bugs in your web site with out having to resort to costly exterior assist.

Why Ought to Umbrella Hats Be In Your Wardrobe These Monsoons?

Why Should Umbrella Hats Be In Your Wardrobe These Monsoons?

Undoubtedly, an umbrella hat is likely one of the greatest issues to have in your wardrobe these monsoons. In spite of everything, who would not prefer to have an adjunct connected to a scarf, securing your hair from that dirty water drizzling within the monsoons? Is not, Umbrella Hats a great answer for our hair throughout rains? Nicely, let’s discover out right here:

The Season is Right here- Monsoon Month Monsoons are right here, and so are the raindrops to make our hearts pleasant. It, certainly, gives a reduction from the cruel summers. However as all the things has its professionals and cons, monsoons significantly are identified to trigger frenzy for girls on the market. The ladies are particular about themselves. And, the reason being these annoying hair dilemmas, which may result in hair fall, frizzy hair, and even tremendous dry and itchy scalp, resulting in spoiled seems to be that no one needs. Umbrella hats- The Good Defend for Shiny Hair Sure, throughout rain, moist, frizzy, and wavy hair is the limelight within the monsoons. And, when girls encounter getting drenched in wet water, the situation worsens. Rain hats, subsequently, has at all times come to liberate you all pretty women from such monsoon plight. Girls’s rain hats defend their delicate hair from the unclean rainwater. They even present an escape from the raindrops thereby shielding the hair. These monsoons, rain hats are a needed factor to have in your wardrobe. These won’t solely present shelter from the rain droplets but in addition add to the type quotient. And, who doesn’t wish to defend their hair from the rains whereas enhancing their persona, proper? So, shopping for these hats is only a excellent factor to do that season. Why Ought to You Purchase It? These headband hats defend the hair and supply shade from the rains. Rains, particularly of the monsoons, can flip down the standard of your hair. The droplets mix with the mud particles which might be prevailing within the environment, after which these droplets enter within the periphery of hair. Have you learnt what it ends in, then? It makes your hair boring and tough. However, when such high-quality and comfortable umbrella hats by your aspect, there may be nothing to fret about. It Blocks the Muddy Wet Water One should make it part of their wardrobe this season as a result of it’s going to block the muddy water from falling in your hair. These rain hats name for a particular place within the wardrobe, as these are specifically designed in a strategy to make it look fashionable, comfy, and remedy the essential goal of defending the hair.

Umbrella Hats are Tremendous Cool Furthermore, it is available in a cool selection! These attractive colours, textures, sizes, and designs are sufficient to draw any girl. These shielding hats won’t ever disappoint you. Sure certainly, the rain hats are a should for all girls, who need to flaunt shiny and wholesome hair these monsoons. Let’s Rewind